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March 11, 2020
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"Assured Assisted Living has been using Serenity for almost a year. It has been amazing however during this time frame it has been a critical piece of equipment. It enables our team to stay in contact with loved ones without needing physical contact. It truly helps in our infection control programming."
Francis LeGasse
Francis LeGasse Jr.
CEO, Assured Assisted Living


Now is the time to show family members the extraordinary care you are providing their loved one! With all you have on your plate, answering a bunch of emails and phone calls surely isn’t at the top of the list. And while mass emails or internet updates are important, they do not answer individual family questions, nor do they give families peace of mind that they know what’s happening with their loved one.

Serenity HIPAA-compliant messaging makes it quick and easy to keep and build trust with family – especially during this time. It’s a mobile app that allows you to have insight into all communication taking place, to show case the incredible care you are providing for mom or dad, and build trust with families.

Our customers tell us that Serenity is tailor-made for exactly this type of event. It’s not too late for you to get started. And now is when your families want to hear from you the most. Why not make it easy on your staff and your family members?

"Serenity is perfect for communicating the ongoing changes with COVID-19. Our buildings are restricted to essential visitors only for the time being, now that the Governor has declared a state of emergency."
Executive Director
Assisted Living Community in Colorado

 We believe so strongly in communication between family and care partners as we navigate the COVID-19 landscape affecting our at-risk population that we are offering I free during COVID-19 lockdowns for up to 3-months. Shcedule a demo today or visit our COVID-19 page with more details.