March 22, 2020
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Serenity Engage Helps Families and Care Teams Partner and Communicate in Wake of COVID-19 Senior Care Facility Lockdowns

Denver tech company pledges to onboard up to 50 senior care communities to its HIPAA-compliant staff and family messaging at no charge.

Immediate Release:  March 21, 2020

DENVER, COLO – Mar. 21, 2020 – In recent weeks, senior care communities have activated a series of proactive, yet restrictive measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 wreaking havoc on their already vulnerable populations. While these measures have curbed the uptick, Serenity Engage has seen this crisis further strain and complicate current communications practices that typically include using a general email or phone number to connect families and care teams.

The end result? Worried and stressed families trying to reach care teams and over-extended team members trying their best to provide care and be responsive to families. To help, Serenity Engage has pledged to onboard up to 50 senior care organizations and their roster of residents and family members to their HIPAA-compliant communications platform for up to three months at no charge. Requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis and facilities can apply by registering online at

"Building trust between the staff and family is what creates a true care partnership and the best quality of life for our older adults in senior care. When you can't trust mom or dad's self-report anymore, proactive communication from the care team is essential. This is Serenity Engage's superpower."

Katherine Wells, CEO, Serenity Engage Tweet

Serenity Engage for Care Teams

A SaaS multi-point communications platform, Serenity Engage can be installed and configured remotely and does not require any time onsite. All Serenity Engage needs is a full roster of staff, current residents and contact information for their family members and assigned care teams. Within 24 hours of receiving this information, the senior care organization is fully operational on Serenity Engage. With this app, care teams gain access to:

  1. a centralized, HIPAA-compliant communications platform that care teams can readily access from their mobile devices to share updates, snap/share resident pics or communicate with family and other authorized team care members on the go.
  2. a user-friendly interface with easy navigation to expedite response times.
  3. a flexible system to push announcements to all, while also easily communicating about individual residents with families.
  4. a date stamped communications history log to track follow up.
  5. online training tutorials for easy staff ramp up and ongoing reference.
  6. a secure messaging platform for staff to communicate without exposing their personal phone number.

Serenity Engage for Families

Families receive an email with a username, password and instructions to download Serenity Engage on either iOS or Android. Once downloaded, family members are immediately connected to the care teams responsible for their senior family member. With Serenity Engage, families gain access to a:

  1. secure channel assigned to their family member that can be used for quick check-ins, and for receiving photos of their family member.
  2. community announcement channel to receive community-wide updates.
  3. mobile, easy to use app.

“My parents lived in a senior care community and I know firsthand the all-consuming anxiety and stress that one feels waiting for the email or call back from the care team. Now add in the reality of COVID-19 and its ensuing lock downs, and that stress level increases exponentially! Our app streamlines communication flow and makes it quick and easy to stay connected. We are honored our technology can make a difference, especially in unprecedented times like these.”

Katherine Wells, Founder & CEO of Serenity Engage Tweet

The Case for Serenity Engage

Today’s typical communication between families and care teams is either via email threads that easily get lost, phone calls that often result in phone tag, or in person when the family is able to visit. Given today’s circumstances with lockdowns, the latter is no longer an option. This approach is riddled with inefficiencies that often result in:

  • long wait times to connect with care teams
  • unmanageable message volume for care teams
  • anxiety or sense of disconnection from loved one for family members
  • potential HIPAA violations that could result in disciplinary actions such as fines, personnel termination or even facility closure

“We have been using Serenity Engage for almost a year. It has been amazing, however during this time frame, it has been a critical piece of equipment. It enables our team to stay in contact with loved ones without needing physical contact. It truly helps in our infection control programming.”

Francis LeGasse, CEO, Assured Assisted Living Tweet

To request a free three-month Serenity Engage activation license at no cost, please register online. After the three-month period, senior care communities can continue to use Serenity Engage for a flat $10 per resident per month membership fee.

About Serenity Engage

Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant communications app to streamline communications across senior care communities, health providers and families. The app replaces inefficient communications methods, like generic email and phone calls and voicemail, with a single platform that supports messaging, photo sharing, and updates only authorized caregivers and family members can access. Founded by Katherine Wells, MBA|MA, Serenity Engage is a SaaS application developed by Serenity App, Inc., and headquartered in Denver, CO. The application is currently available in North America (U.S. and Canada) and in Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

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Media Contact: Barbara Brooks at or 720.318.4199

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