Looking for Senior Care in Wayne County?

Craft the best team for your loved one's care.

This can be a difficult time. Selecting the right care partners makes all the difference. At Home Senior Living of Jesup is raising the bar for senior living.

At Home Senior Living of Jesup uses Serenity Engage to connect family with staff, ensuring you always know what’s going on with your loved one – no matter where you are. 

What would it mean to you to:

  • Have regular proactive updates, photos and videos of your loved one from the care staff?
  • Never miss out on special moments because you can’t physically be there?
  • Have transparency about COVID-19?
  • Message the care team when you have a question or would like to know how mom is doing?

A Note From At Home Senior Living Jesup

Meet Brandy Serrato , Executive Director

"Our staff is dedicated to providing extraordinary collaborative care. Cultivating a high-trust relationship with easy communication between staff and families is at our core. When you join our community, you will know the people who are caring for your loved one. Proactive communication, pictures and video snippets help you stay connected when you can't physically be here.

We are raising the bar in senior living, and we look forward to serving you and your family."

Choose a community that demonstrates transparency. It's one of the most important decisions you may make.