Serenity during COVID19.

FREE. No Setup Fee. No Commitment. 3-Step Touchless Implementation.

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Social distancing shouldn't mean disconnected.

Families need communication from your team now more than ever. Make it easy on your staff to keep families updated about their individual loved one. Eliminate unnecessary phone tag and lost email threads with a simple, HIPAA-compliant text messaging app.

Give The Gift of Peace Of Mind

More than ever, families want to know how their loved one is doing. Without playing phone tag or wading through email threads of mass communication.

Let your care team message with family directly about their individual loved one. Keep the trust you've built and show the incredible care you continue to provide during this time.

No Commitments, Just Serenity

While we believe Serenity will make your life easier, there are NO commitments during the time that lockdowns are required to protect our older adults.

Our goal right now is to make your life easier during this time, and to help keep family in-the-know about their loved one so they can have peace of mind.

3-Step Touchless Implementation

Implementation can be done in a few hours, and completely over phone and/or electronic communication.

  1. Provide us with the list of staff, residents and families you want on Serenity.
  2. We’ll create and set up your organization and provide you with an email template to send to families, along with their initial login information.
  3. We’ll teach your staff how to set up new residents and family members, but we will also be your backup administrators during this time to help lighten the load.

Video Demonstration

How To Get Started

  • Schedule a call to see a live demo of Serenity, get your questions answered, and discuss your particular organization’s needs.
  • Sign and return our Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance.
  • Identify one or two people in your staff who will be responsible for managing the communication through Serenity. 
  • Provide us with the list of staff, residents and families you want on Serenity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this increase work for my staff?

Almost every one of our customers was concerned about this initially. What they have unanimously found is that it replaces so much of the time wasted on phone tag and email threads that it saves several hours each week.

If family has access to my staff, will they bombard us with messages?

Another common question! What we have found is that when you communicate proactively about their loved one, families have fewer questions, and are extremely grateful for the updates and photos. Many of our customers have said that some of their most intense family members have become some of their biggest fans with Serenity.

Why is this better than just text messaging?

  • You have no insight into what is being communicated between that staff member and the family.
  • When staff texts family directly, they are giving out their personal phone number in many cases, and opening themselves up to lack of boundaries for communication.
  • It’s difficult to manage group messaging and have control over who is in the thread at any given time.

Why is this better than email communication?

  • Email threads often get lost – especially in inboxes with hundreds of unread messages.
  • Messaging is quicker and shorter than email.
  • A growing segment of adult children are Gen X or younger and expect to communicate via messaging.

What’s the cost if we choose to continue after our lockdowns?

Serenity is $10 per resident per month. Discounts available for non-profits and volume implementations.