AARP Statistics
November 4, 2018
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Are you ready for this? AARP produced a research report in 2016 that estimates 45 million unpaid caregivers and 5 million paid caregivers caring for 117 million people by 2020. The trend is real.

More people in need of care. Fewer trained caregivers (the schools can’t pump them out fast enough!). More family — both local and remote — will be relied upon to care for the senior population.

Technology can help optimize the experience for all involved. According to the report, “71% of caregivers are interested in technology, but only 7% are using it to assist with their caregiving duties.” There is enormous opportunity to make the lives of caregivers easier.

Nearly everyone will either become a caregiver or know someone who is a caregiver in their lifetime. It’s not easy to juggle the realities of life and provide care for seniors. Many of the primary caregivers are women who also have children at home and full-time jobs.

Let’s put our heads together and find every possible way to make life easier for the caregivers and more fulfilling for the seniors. I firmly believe we can help ease loneliness and depression in our aging population. Share your ideas with me and let’s talk about it together!