For Families and Loved Ones

Serenity is there when you're not.

Where Families and Care Teams Connect

Busy families DEPEND on the care team to know what’s going on with mom or dad. Memory care, assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice care, home care, home health – there are many people providing care for our loved ones. It only makes sense that we should all be on the same page.
Consistent communication about YOUR loved one.

See regular updates from the care team about your loved one. This might be photos, videos, or just a short note that says, “Your mom smiled big today when we looked at your picture.” 


Serenity is your connection to your loved ones care when you’re not there.

Simple Secure Messaging
Sharing moments of joy and keep everyone in the loop is just the start of Serenity. 
By including everyone involved in the care of your loved one, that care is better. It’s as simple as that.

Families are connecting,

Photos and videos allow you to step into your loved one's life from anywhere. Cherish these moments from your loved one's care team.

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