Argentum 2019
April 19, 2019
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9 Startups You Need To Know About In The Senior Living Industry

The Startup Pavilion is always a fun place to be. Entrepreneurs with new ideas and inventions are filled with energy and enthusiasm; and in the senior living space, most of them have personal stories that drive their motivation. 

In case you didn’t attend the Argentum Senior Living Executives Conference in San Antonio last week, or if you didn’t get a chance to stop by the Startup Pavilion, I thought I’d bring it you. 

Check out some of the fun, inspiring, and truly game changing ideas. I’ve started with my own shameless plug, and listed the rest of these amazing companies alphabetically.


Serenity logo

Serenity is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform for senior living centers to increase family collaboration. When care teams and family work together, our seniors have reduced isolation and depression, and increased quality of life. After all, isn’t that the goal? Let’s enjoy our loved ones and appreciate the care teams who help. Learn more at

Aladin logo

Aladin the Magic Smart Lamp
Aladin is a smart lamp that detects early signs of illness and has the goal of reducing falls thanks to its automatic lighting, health decline detection through behavior monitoring and non-obtrusive, real-time fall detection. Learn more at

BloomHealthcare logo

Bloom Healthcare
We strive to keep our patients healthy, independent, & hospital free.  Our providers are committed to delivering high quality in-home Primary Care services with integrity and dignity.

Learn more at

BodiMetrics captures non-invasive vital signs and patented health index through lightweight and portable devices and applications anytime, anywhere for remote patient monitoring; facilitating chronic care management, post-operative care, employee care management and medication response to improve care while reducing readmissions and ER visits. Learn more at

Borgoyn Consulting
Borgoyn Consulting Services LLC is a leadership development and training company for senior living. Our objective is to promote and support a culture of compassion in senior living and eldercare communities  Learn more at

driq logo

We advance senior care living through technology.  Harnessing the power of IOT and AI, our system monitors wetting events in elder adults. Learn more at

frame logo

Frame Digital Memory Boxes
Gone are the days of Memory Care corridors lined with empty shadow boxes. Frame’s cloud-based Digital Memory Boxes allow families and caregivers to upload photos to any box in seconds, providing residents with personalized wayfinding and engagement. Learn more at

MemoryWell is a digital platform for elder storytelling. Our network of more than 700 professional writers work with families, senior living communities and home care providers to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with brief, intimate stories. MemoryWell‘s portraits build empathy and are poignant keepsakes for families.  Learn more at

Nectarine Health logo
Nectarine Health
Nectarine Health is an Intelligent care system that predicts care needs for residents of Assisted Living and Independent Living.
It is a  pleasure  to wear, easy to use and lets you plan your individualized care efficiently and proactively.  Learn more at
Senior Sleuths logo

Senior Sleuths
Senior Sleuths is a turnkey immersive group experience for senior communities that focuses on using interactive storytelling to challenge and ignite cognitive abilities such as problem solving, recall, dexterity and fine motor skills. Each of the 12-week programmatic series unravels an entertaining mystery using physical objects and encompasses cognitively stimulating activities such as suspenseful puzzles with codes, ciphers and crosswords.  Learn more at