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July 30, 2019
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Frustrated womanI am continually shocked how much misinformation there is about Assisted Living, Memory Care, and the system that cares for our older population. Families find it difficult to get the right information at the right time, are unsure how to truly compare care options, and rarely have access to support systems to help guide them. My mantra lately seems to be, “there has to be a better way!

As someone dedicated to improving communication and collaboration among care teams and family, I decided to start a Denver Daughterhood Circle, a local circle of the national daughterhood.org community.  The goal is to connect this community of amazing people searching for information about elder care and provide a safe place to share, help, and meet others in similar situations. And maybe have a glass of wine and unwind a bit.

Learn more about where and when we’ll meet.

What is a Daughterhood Circle?

daughterhood logoDaughterhood.org is a wonderful resource for caregivers, and has launched Daughterhood Circles across the U.S. You can read more about it in this recently published article from Memorywell.com.

These Circles are local informal gatherings for caregivers to:

  • Connect with others who “get” your situation
  • Share stories, ideas and resources to help each other
  • Connect to the national Daughterhood community through your Local Leader (hint: that’s me)

Why is this important? The best way I can describe it is to echo the founder of daughterhood.org, Anne Tumlinson, says here: “My knowledge of the system didn’t prepare me for or teach me how seriously families are suffering as a result of the real-life, day-to-day chaos in our health and elder care systems. It was a shock to me just how little support people receive. It’s called daughterhood.org because I want, first and foremost, to convince my girlfriends — women caregivers and managers — that they are up against a mighty wind, but that their efforts ARE good enough. That we can work together to do something about it and to create a sense of ease and control.”

By the way, it is not exclusive to women. Come join us if you’re someone looking for information and/or support around elder care.

More About The Founder, Anne Tumlinson

Anne Tumlinson

Anne is an expert in health and aging services. She is working to transform the financing and delivery of care for older adults, has testified before Congress, and has appeared before the Long-Term Care Commission and the Bipartisan Policy Center.
She founded daughterhood.org to bring caregivers into the reform conversation, enhance their understanding of systems fo care, and build community around common caregiving experiences.

Not in Colorado? No problem! Check here to find a Daughterhood Circle in your state.