Denver Startup Week
August 14, 2019
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Interested in one of the fastest growing emerging markets?  Karen Brown, a mover and shaker in all things aging, has once again pulled together several exciting and thought-challenging sessions discussing the age-related market opportunity.

Karen Brown“There is tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers to make a difference for our aging population,” says Karen.  “If you have any interest in this market opportunity, make sure to sign up for these extraordinary sessions about the longevity economy at Denver Startup Week.”


Read on for details of each sessions, and add them to your Denver Startup Week schedule. And don’t forget to share this with others who may be interested!

Startups in the Longevity Economy: Turning Silver Into Gold

Monday, September 16, 12:00p – 1:30p
WorkAbility Sudler, Lecture Hall

The Longevity Economy – It’s the mother-lode of all untapped markets: the world’s 65-plus population. Already at a historical high of over 600 million people, it’s projected to hit a full billion by 2030, and 1.6 billion by 2050. The sheer amount of money involved nearly defies comprehension. In the U.S. alone, the spending of Americans ages 50 and up in 2015 accounted for nearly $8 trillion worth of economic activity.*

Could these “silver-haired” people be the next Colorado Gold Rush for entrepreneurs developing products and solutions to improve their lives?

It is a market ripe with opportunities and ready for disruption, just like the silver and gold rush Colorado experienced in the 1800s. From dealing with dementia and depression to better sleep and hearing, there are new businesses driving change, improving lives and making money!

Ready to stake your claim? Get some golden nuggets from entrepreneurs at various stages including raising funds, marketing, operations, staffing, pivots and the unique challenge and solutions they have faced.

Panel Members:
Karen M. Brown. CEO & Chief Innovation Guru, iAging and Aging2.0 Denver Chapter
R. J. Pole, Cofounder/CMO, HearOClub
Patrick Leonard, Cofounder/CEO, Sopris
Rick Renner, CFO, Dream Pad Sleep
Mimi Roberson, COO, Well-Advised
Matt Isola, Founder/Cofounder of Generation Exchange/Longevity Labs
John Kelley, Chairman/CEO, CereScan, Inc.

Movers & Shakers in the Longevity Economy: Pilots, Partnerships & Public Relations

Tuesday, September 17, 10:00a – 11:30a
WorkAbility Sudler, Lecture Hall

You have a startup in the Longevity Economy and are ready to pilot, seek funding and expand awareness of your company! Meet some of the big players who are investing in, partnering with and showcasing startups focused on solving challenges faced by older people and their families. Whether it is connected to the Consumer Electronic Show to the AARP Innovation Labs to hearing about the Boomer Summits and what Upward Labs and the Innovator’s Alliance invest in, you’ve come to the right place to meet the movers and shakers.

Panel Members:

Karen Brown – iAging and Aging2.0 Denver Chapter – CEO and Ambassador
Nigel Smith – AARP Innovation Labs – Director
Kris Hansen – Western Home Communities – CEO, Innovator’s Alliance – Chairman & Investor
Steve Ewell – Consumer Technology Association Foundation – Executive Director
Lori Bitter – The Business of Aging – Founder and CEO
Rachel Dantess – Upward Labs – Startup Scouting Director

Thursday, September 19, 12:00p – 1:30p
WorkAbility Sudder, Lecture Hall

We have a caregiver crisis in the U.S. And it’s complex! By the year 2026, the Caregiving Shortage could mean 7.8 million unfilled jobs, presenting one of the biggest industry-wide challenges for senior living, home health, state government, corporations, older people and families. As an economic-driver in the industry, this also presents enormous opportunity for innovation! Inventiveness and technology are a must.

In this session, you’ll:

• Hear the very real challenges faced by the industry across the nation
• Learn about some new businesses and technologies working to solve these issues
• Understand some of the wins and mis-steps both businesses and entrepreneurs had along the way

Panel Members:

Know someone else who might be interested? We invite you to share this with your network, and we hope to see you there!