What an honor to be profiled in Voyage Denver!

January 28, 2020
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It is such an honor to be profiled in Voyage Denver Magazine. As a female entrepreneur in my second-act, I have found the most amazing support from the Denver community.


Serenity App comes from a drive to improve the lives of our older adults and the people that care for them. I was the main family caretaker of my parents, even as they lived in assisted living. I now know that there are tools in the corporate world that can help the amazing people who work in senior care be able to do more of what they love — providing care for people. 


My focus is on helping improve our current senior care system in a way that best serves everyone involved — providers, family, and most importantly, our older adults. I believe this starts with improving communication within the system. Communication is absolutely essential to shaping the experiences that we encounter. Serenity allows families, facilities, and providers to communicate on one HIPAA compliant platform.


I wish I had Serenity for when I was so involved with my parents’ care. It would have taken a lot of stress off of me and helped me rest in knowing that the right care was being given. It is an honor to offer this service to today’s families and I am grateful for Voyage Denver Magazine spotlighting the work we are doing at here at Serenity.


You can read the article here: