The Lodge at Grand Junction
June 3, 2020
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Colorado Public Radio: 'Game-Changer' App Connects Colorado Families, Residents, Caregivers At Senior Care Facilities

Colorado Public Radio Denver station, KUNC, recently aired an interview with Serenity Engage customer Janice Donald, and family member of a resident at The Lodge At Grand Junction, a Wellage Community. Janice a is forward-thinking Executive Director who is always looking for ways to improve communications and increase staff efficiency.

Below is a summary of the interview, which can be heard or read in full here.

"There's a lot of isolation [in senior living] right now, and being able to have this communication tool with pictures and snippets of our resident's daily lives gives families some peace of mind. The more I saw of Serenity Engage, the more I thought this could be a game-changer for us. Communication is so key to what we do - it's been a godsend, and even more so during the pandemic."

Janice Donald, Executive Director, The Lodge At Grand Junction, a Wellage Community Tweet

Photo by permission: Nancy Miller receives a photo of her sister Diane Henderson bowling on the Serenity Engage app from staff at The Lodge at Grand Junction.

According to the interview....

‘Serenity Engage allows a provider, like the facility’s staff or a doctor, to exchange updates, photos and non-emergency information quickly and easily with family members.

“Like Nancy (Miller), when you have someone in care who has dementia you can’t really trust their self-report,” she said.

Serenity Engage not only strengthens the relationship between staff and families, but (Katherine) Wells said it also allows loved ones, like Miller, to be a part of her sister’s care team.

“I can send messages, asking questions about how she’s doing or for somebody to call me and tell me if her new shoes fit or not because I can’t go in and try them on for her,” Miller said. “So, the staff has to help me with that kind of stuff.”

“This [the image of her sister bowling] was great because she’s maintaining her social distance and I actually couldn’t believe that they got her to do this,” she said.

Miller is still learning how to use all the features on the app but says it’s a relief to be able to easily check on her sister. Especially since senior care communities remain closed to visitors.’

"I can't be there right now, so it [Serenity Engage] is the next best thing."

Nancy Miller, sister of Diane Henderson who is a resident at The Lodge At Grand Junction, a Wellage Community Tweet