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June 29, 2020
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Strengthening Senior Community & Family Relationships

“We’re all about building trust, and we earn that with the little bits of communication every day. We’re able to share Moments and Memories with our residents’ families with Serenity Engage, which is our mission” says Taylor Hulett, Communications Manager, Applewood Our House Assisted Living.

Family Member Reactions

Thank you. Thank you so much. It means a lot to see that smile.

Family Member of Applewood Our House Resident

Looks like fun! Go mommy! I love these photos - thanks for sharing them.

Daughter of a Resident at Applewood Our House

So nice to see mom acting like her 'sassy' old self! Thank you for everything you do. It shows.

Daughter of a Resident at Applewood Our House

On today’s Facebook Live episode we talked with Taylor Hulett, Communications Manager at Applewood Our House, about how staff and family are more connected than ever.

We talk about the fast-changing regulations around COVID-19 and how they manage that without taxing staff members, yet keeping families updated. 

Taylor shares stories about staff members playing ‘virtual charades’ with the resident and family through Serenity Engage, and how families are able to have greater insight into the incredible care provided to their loved one daily.

Watch or listen to learn more.

“We have some caregivers who love to send photos and engage our residents in fun with their families via Serenity Engage. It helps us with our mission to create Moments and Memories.”
Taylor Hulett
Taylor Hulett
Communications Manager, Applewood Our House Assisted Living

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