Dignity Hospice FB Live Social Workers Dogs names
August 7, 2020
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How Social Workers Lift the Burden For Families During Hospice Care

To add a little levity to the conversation, we had some fun with dogs on our Facebook Live discussion today. I asked my beautiful guests, Sydnee Worth and Megan Carothers of Dignity Hospice to put their dogs on camera before we got started. 

Because pets can be such good therapy, and every dog needs to be on at least one video call during COVID!

Let's Talk About Hospice Care

In this episode, we hear from two social workers at Dignity Hospice about:

  • How social workers help families during hospice care
  • Why hospice isn’t always about sadness
  • How hospice supports families during and after a loved one passes
"As social workers, we are advocates for our patients and support for their family. In this difficult time of COVID, without the human touch of each other, we are there to support and to keep family members connected to the care of their loved one."
Megan Carothers
Megan Carothers, MSW
Social Worker, Dignity Hospice

Hospice Isn't What It Used To Be

Our CEO also podcasts at Mavericks of Senior Living, where she and Francis LeGasse interviewed Dignity Hospice CEO, Jenna Girton and Busted The Myths Around Hospice Care.

"We get families the right resources at the right time, giving them more time and emotional energy to focus on their loved one. This includes grief support, medicaid applications, final arrangements, financial resources, and everything in-between.
Sydnee Worth
Sydnee Worth, MSW
Social Worker, Dignity Hospice

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