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September 10, 2020
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The First 14-Days In Senior Living

Research shows that the majority of lawsuits against senior living communities are related to the first 14-days of care. We asked why. And then we asked the community to help solve this problem.

A Simple Solution For A Complex Problem

In this episode, Katherine talks with the CEO of Assured Assisted Living, and her co-podcaster at Mavericks of Senior Living, about:

  • Why the first 14-days in senior living are so critical
  • How we created a collaborative team to come up with a solution
  • What the group created and how it’s making a difference already
"When my staff tells me that Serenity Engage is quick and easy, saves them time, and most importantly that our resident's families LOVE it, that tells me we are doing the right thing."
Francis LeGasse
Francis LeGasse
CEO, Assured Assisted Living