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October 1, 2020
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How Serenity Helps Family Members And Staff At Sevens Residential Memory Care

When Tracie Corner had to move her mother into residential care, it was heartbreaking. Having a poor experience, including how lack of communication, she was then faced with finding a new community for her mom. Fortunately, Sevens Residential Memory Care was a great fit for Tracie’s mom. In any situation, but especially when you’ve had a bad experience once, having strong communication with the staff and knowing about your loved one’s day is essential. Watch this episode to hear about Tracie’s journey and how Seven’s Co-Administrator, Arieal Morrow, have developed a trusted partnership.

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In this episode, we talk about the journey of transitioning a loved one into residential care, including:

  • The family experience of long-term senior care
  • What to ask when evaluating long-term care
  • How to determine if the community will be a good fit
  • Why asking for regular communication is essential for the staff, family and the older adult
"My mom relies on me. I moved her out of the first facility partly because they promised they would provide me with updates on how she was doing. But I almost never received them. The whole concept of 'we'll keep you posted' was broken."
Tracie Corner
Tracie Corner
Family Caregiver
"Serenity has become an essential tool we use to keep families informed and up to date on their loved ones daily routine. It fosters better communication to keep families and staff equally engaged with residents' care by facilitating fast, easy check-ins. Serenity has also given families the ability to reconnect with their loved ones in a time that is both challenging and unprecedented."
Ariel Morrow
Ariel Morrow
Co-Administrator, Sevens Residential Memory Care