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October 14, 2020
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WEBINAR - Building Trust: Staff & Family Communication In The First 14-Days

Learn about this research-based roadmap to build trusted relationships in senior care that create better care, increase census, and reduce family anxiety.

To increase move-ins, families must feel confident that they will have insight into their loved one’s care. This was a problem pre-COVID-19, and is now an urgent and serious issue.

Working with the Mavericks of Senior Living, we brought together a group of people across roles in senior care, including family members and older adults. Together they created a roadmap for communication in the first 14-days of care. This research-based roadmap has produced EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS for EVERYONE involved. 

Recent research shows:

  • 72% of care staff want a tech platform to streamline communication with families
  • Half of all families of long-term care residents feel they do not get enough information about their loved one
  • 80% of families say they would select a provider based on their ability to communicate in a timely manner

Why Watch?

  • Increase move-ins and referrals
  • Improve staff job satisfaction
  • Create better family relationships
  • Reduce family anxiety
  • Reduce legal actions
  • Increase well-being for your residents

Download The eBook

Get your free eBook, Building Trust: Staff & Family Communication In The First 14-Days.

"My mom relies on me. I moved her out of the first facility partly because they promised they would provide me with updates on how she was doing. But I almost never received them. The whole concept of 'we'll keep you posted' was broken."
Tracie Corner
Tracie Corner
Family Caregiver
"Serenity Engage is a game changer. We saw a $53k return on investment in the first 6-months! More importantly, it gives our team more time to care for those we serve."
Jenna Girton
Jenna Girton
President, Dignity Hospice