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October 27, 2020
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3 Must-Have Conversations About Life, Legacy and Longevity with Jamie Sarche

After reading an article stating that America needs grief leadership, our CEO, Katherine Wells, thought that would be an interesting topic to share on our Serenity Moments show. So we invited the best person we know to lead people through grief – Jamie Sarche. Jamie has a TED Talk about grieving and the taboo topic of death. She is a high-energy activist who takes action when she see something needs to be changed. 

We are thrilled to speak with Jamie today about grief leadership, and an upcoming Expert Webinar Series.

Let's Talk About Grief Leadership

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In this episode, we talk with Jamie Sarche, Director of Pre-Planning for Feldman Mortuary, TED Talk presenter, and taboo-tackler. 

Watch or listen to learn about:

  • Three crucial conversations we all must have
  • Grieving in a COVID world
  • Life, Legacy and Longevity
"In a COVID world, we are grieving so many losses in our daily life. It isn't just about losing a person to death, but it can be about losing a job, or not seeing family during the holidays, and it's important to acknowledge it and allow ourselves to feel it."
Jamie Sarche
Jamie Sarch
Director of Pre-Planning, Feldman Mortuary