November 14, 2020
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Life, Legacy and Longevity
- Expert Series -

"I'd like to see more people become ambassadors for being okay with hard, sometimes taboo, conversations. Be someone who can really hear someone else's tough stuff and be okay with it."
Jamie Sarche
Jamie Sarche
Director of Pre-Planning, Feldman Mortuary

Watch as these three powerful conversations help you to get informed, get your questions answered, and hear others share their stories and experience.  

Life, Legacy, and Longevity Expert Series

LIFE - Episode One

In this episode, Jamie Sarche has a deep, meaningful conversation about:

  • How worry disconnects us from our instincts
  • Why grieving is a gift – What to say (and not say) when someone is grieving
  • And why we should not shy away from the word ‘death’
Jamie Sarche

Jamie Sarche

Jamie Sarche has been tackling taboos for years. She has a TED Talk, is a national speaker, is the Director of Pre-Planning with Feldman Mortuary, and is an amazing human being.

LEGACY - Episode Two

In this episode, Pam share real stories about:

  • Myths of Estate Planning
  • Who needs your protection?
  • What needs your protection?
  • What happens to your assets if you don’t have Estate Planning done
  •  How to get started

Pam Maas

Pam helps families protect their children and assets, while building their legacy, and creating wealth. Our clients get peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and their assets are secure for generations to come.

In this episode, Kelly O’Connor provides education and insight about:

  • Social family dynamics of aging
  • Senior housing options & cost
  • Senior care 101

Kelly O'Connor

Award-winning elder care consultant and founder of Senior Care Authority, Denver Metro, dedicated to those facing the aging or illness of a loved one. My national practice includes a network of qualified professionals equally committed to quality care, life enrichment, community engagement, safety, and dignity for elders.

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