Serenity Engage Partners With Inspired Senior Living

May 27, 2021
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Partnership Designed To Improve Communications Tenfold For Senior Living Communities In The Southeast

DENVER, CO / WEBWIRE / May 25, 2021 

Last year the COVID-19 pandemic created increasing challenges for those with family members in senior living facilities. Serenity Engage is happy to announce that it has partnered with Inspired Senior Living  to save time for staff, and enable families to stay connected to the care their loved one is receiving. 

Serenity is a HIPAA-compliant and intuitive app that connects the entire care team in a single platform. 

The Serenity Engage platform makes it possible for community staff, third party providers, and family members to keep everyone on the same page at the same time. This includes senior living, memory care, hospice, home health and home care. Inspired Senior Living is working with Serenity Engage to introduce the app to senior living communities in the metro Atlanta area

"Better communication directly impacts the bottom line. Streamlining internal communication creates more time for care. Communities that use Serenity Engage are seeing significantly more referrals, a tenfold increase in staff job satisfaction, and happier families. Our relationship with Inspired Senior Living gives us more coverage in the southeast, and adds value to our clients through PR and marketing offerings that increase awareness and referrals.”

Katherine Wells, CEO, Serenity Engage

The purpose of the app is to increase staff productivity by streamlining the communications process, and to ensure the entire care team is operating with the same information at the same time. On average, facilities that use the app have seen a 3-5 hour per week time savings per key staff. That equates to about $53,000 per year.

“We feel that this partnership is the answer to helping senior care teams operate more efficiently, and families to know what’s happening with their loved one easily and in real-time. Last year was incredibly hard for both facilities and family members. This partnership ensures that communication channels remain open no matter what the circumstances are at any given time.”

Kelli Easterling, VP of Sales, Inspired Southerner Public Relations

In addition to working with Serenity Engage, Inspired Senior Living also can provide senior living facilities with a comprehensive PR, marketing and communications strategy to help create a positive brand image. Inspired Senior Living also helps plan and prepare for a crisis by creating a solid crisis communication plan that can be implemented at a moment’s notice.

To schedule your free consultation for PR services or a demonstration of the Serenity Engage app, contact Kelli Easterling, VP of Sales, Inspired Senior Living.


About Serenity Engage
Serenity Engage is a secure, collaborative group messaging platform that connects everyone providing care to older adults through a mobile and web collaboration platform. The HIPAA-compliant platform fosters enhanced communication and collaboration between everyone involved in a senior’s care – including families and care teams. Senior care facilities, families and providers use Serenity Engage to strengthen relationships between care teams and families, and increase provider productivity, improve patient quality and offer families greater peace of mind regarding their loved ones. Engage with Serenity at serenityengage.com.

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