Serenity Success Story: Assured Assisted Living Experiences 227% Increase in Communication

October 4, 2021
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A leading Colorado-based residential care provider for memory care, Assured Assisted Living has experienced tremendous growth in the last 5 years. 

As many high-growth companies experience, many of its internal and external communication strategies had not been able to keep up. The organization had relied primarily on phone calls and emails to communicate with residents’ family members, with many caregivers using personal devices to text family members. 

Though the Assured Assisted Living team was aware that their communication and engagement efforts could improve, there were limited offerings on the market that fit their needs. They tried group texts, and also turned to their EMR family portal as a potential solution – but neither provided a seamless, easy communication and collaboration experience for staff and residents’ families. 

Until Serenity Engage. 

The Serenity Engage platform has completely altered how the Assured Assisted Living team communicates with residents’ families. Families now receive the updates they need, all in one place – usually with accompanying photos or videos. According to Assured Assisted Living cofounder, Francis LeGasse Jr., CDP, Serenity has made a major impact. 

“Right now, we’re doing really well with family communications – the staff is doing a phenomenal job sharing videos, photos, and updates, and families are loving it.”

Francis LeGasse Jr.

Prior to Serenity, care coordination and decisions commonly caused families to have difficulty communicating with one another. However, with Serenity, gone are the days where one person was responsible for gathering and disseminating critical information. Now, updates can be shared in real-time, streamlining communication for caregivers and creating excellent experiences for family members. 

With Serenity, the daughter or son taking care of their parent is no longer in the dark about what’s going on with Mom or Dad, and that they will get regular, transparent communication. This has been a major selling point for Assured Assisted Living, as using Serenity has led to three new patients in the last four months alone — a significant increase after a reduced census due to COVID-19. 

Francis and his cofounder Brian Turner have not only witnessed an exponential increase in staff-family communication resulting in deeper trusted relationships, but have also seen more staff-staff communication in staff channels on the Serenity Engage platform. They credit the team’s use of the platform, in part, to its intuitive design from a user experience standpoint.

This ease of communication means that key staff members can gain 3-5 hours per week that would have otherwise been lost to scrambling to keep family members in the loop, tracking down siloed providers, or generally not being able to find information. Assured Assisted Living has experienced a more than 200 percent increase in communication, thanks to Serenity Engage. The functionality of the Serenity Engage app ultimately saves time for the staff caring for residents, with one single source of truth, rather than siloed information. 

Since partnering with Serenity Engage, Francis has been delighted by the Serenity team’s responsiveness and commitment to innovation. 

“The team is always looking at how they can add new features that make [the app] stand out. With Serenity Engage, it is always there – which is critical for our staff and families.”

Read the Assured Assisted Living Case Study to learn more about how Assured Assisted Living has grown census and optimized communication with Serenity Engage.