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Serenity Engage and AGE-u-cate Training Institute Form a Powerful Partnership

February 23, 2022
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New Partnership Allows Providers, Families, and Care Teams to Receive Real-Time Education to Help Care for Elderly Populations

DENVER, CO – February 23, 2022 – Serenity Engage, a HIPAA-compliant communication platform for senior living, hospice, and home care to streamline care coordination, announces their partnership with AGE-u-cate Training Institute, a global company devoted to providing quality, innovative and research-based aging and dementia training. 

The aging population is rising by leaps and bounds. By 2040 it is predicted that one in five Americans will be age 65 or older, up from about one in eight in 2000 according to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization. As a result, the demand for quality care of aging loved ones is climbing steadily. Education and communication are important to understanding the true need for collaboration across improving senior care. Those that care for our elders deserve the support and tools they need to continue providing the best senior care possible through available resources driving improved quality care. 

“We’re delighted and honored to be working in partnership with Serenity Engage to ignite a change for advancing and improving elderly service offerings,” said Pam Brandon, CEO and founder of AGE-u-cate Learning Institute. “The demand for quality care for aging loved ones only continues to increase. Our elderly population deserves the highest level of compassion, care and respect, and we look forward to working with Serenity Engage to further educate our collective audiences.” 


“Connecting and communicating knowledge further bridges the gap between a care team and the family members of the senior they care for,” said Katherine Wells, CEO and founder of Serenity Engage. “We’re excited to expand our service offerings by promoting and providing access to AGE-u-cate’s high-impact caregiver education program. It’s important for caregivers to understand and be able to communicate with the families that need and depend on their assistance in looking after their loved one.”


AGE-u-cate Training Institute focuses on developing and delivering the training needed by senior care staff through supporting and well educating them in their job roles. In doing so, caregivers are better equipped and able to care for the elderly in the best way they know how. The more people know about someone and their situation, the better equipped and informed they are to act best on that person’s behalf.


This partnership allows Serenity Engage to share specific AGE-u-cate training and educational content through their platform, enabling customers to have ‘just in time’ training at their fingertips. Additionally, Serenity Engage customers receive a 10% discount on the AGE-u-cate course catalog by visiting


Founded in 2020, Serenity Engage brings car e teams, family, and provider partners together on a single, secure HIPAA-compliant communication platform to establish a foundation of trust from day one. By consolidating communications between all providers and family members onto one platform, Serenity Engage streamlines care coordination, lowers costs, and improves caregiver retention. The platform has been proven to optimize senior care community operational efficiencies, resulting in savings of more than $75,000 per year and increasing census by more than 15 percent. 


To learn more about Serenity Engage, visit: 


About Serenity Engage

Serenity Engage is a secure, collaborative group messaging platform that connects everyone providing care to older adults through a mobile and web collaboration platform. The HIPAA-compliant platform fosters enhanced communication and collaboration between everyone involved in a senior’s care – including families and care teams. Senior care facilities, families and providers use Serenity Engage to strengthen relationships between care teams and families, and increase provider productivity, improve patient quality and offer families greater peace of mind regarding their loved ones. Engage with Serenity at