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Top Entrepreneur Finalist: Katherine Wells

April 25, 2022
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We are so excited that our CEO Katherine Wells has been recognized as a Top Entrepreneur Finalist by ColoradoBiz Magazine!

She works tirelessly to help bridge the siloes across senior care. She is a true catalyst for change and inspiration to all those around her. We’re so happy to see she’s being recognized for her work!

Check out the below excerpt from the ColoradoBiz article recognizing her for her work. The full piece in ColoradoBiz can be found here

Wells, 55, founded Serenity Engage in 2019 following more than 20 years in software marketing. “This is my first startup,” she says. “I’m really proud I’m a female founder starting a company over the age of 50.”

The idea for the company originated when her mother was in memory care and her father was in assisted living about a decade ago. “What people don’t know is that when you move someone into a senior care facility, everyone thinks it’s handled — ‘I don’t have to do anything,’” says Wells. “I struggled to get the people who were caring for my mom and dad to communicate with me.”

Wells subsequently set out to solve the problem. R&D included countless interviews and living with her mother for nine days. “I put my heart and soul in connecting everyone surrounding our older adults to communicate and collaborate about their care,” she says. “My goal is to solve this problem for everybody coming after me, because senior care should not be hard.”

First deployed in 2019, the company’s HIPAA-compliant platform has saved its users an average of three to five hours a week per staff member. One hospice provider estimates it saves the business more than $50,000 a year. “It stops the phone from ringing and having upset family members calling,” Wells says.

As of early 2022, Serenity had 4,000 users after doubling to 10 employees the year before, including Wells’ husband and top developer, Rob Pinna. It has closed on two pre-seed rounds of $1.5 million and is currently pursuing a seed round. Serenity Engage is also launching Alexa-enabled technology to target a broader market of independent living this year.

“Everybody wants to give you their opinion,” Wells says. “You should take it, you should listen — especially if you’re a new entrepreneur, listen, soak it up — but you have to make your own decisions. There is no perfect road map for this.”

To read the full article in ColoradoBiz, click here