Care & Love

The care and love shown to my parents by senior living staff buoyed me many times in their last years. The staff and I had an unspoken bond built on trust. I have come to believe that trust is the currency of senior care. Too often, it is unknowingly undermined by simple communication gaps. We have created a game-changing experience that illuminates the extraordinary care your team provides. Our clients see significant results in lower costs, less risk, happier families, higher retention, and improved quality of care.
Katherine Wells
Founder & CEO Serenity

Mission and Values


Rely on the connectedness that the app provides.


Appreciates less time calling and more time caring.


Loves the insight and oversight.


Enjoy business optimization at every level.

Family trust and satisfaction increase when they:

Receive quick updates about their loved one.

Know what’s happening at the community.

Get questions answered in a timely manner.

Can share their appreciation of the care team.

See photos of their loved one because pictures speak a thousand words.