Introducing Serenity’s Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living

Serenity Engage and Amazon Alexa deploy game-changing technology to bridge siloes in senior care.

Senior care providers and assisted living communities have been scrambling to improve efficiencies in the current global caregiver shortage. Staff, care recipients, and their families have experienced challenges and frustrations due to siloed, antiquated, and inefficient communication methods making it increasingly difficult for providers to provide the highest quality of care. 

By marrying Amazon’s Alexa voice AI and video technology with Serenity’s platform, Serenity’s custom Alexa deployment serves as a personalized, digital concierge – bringing simplicity and connection to an otherwise complex, siloed system. The cutting-edge technology reduces staff burden while increasing resident engagement and vital family connectedness. 

Serenity’s custom Alexa Smart Properties deployment benefits all stakeholders by improving staff efficiency, increasing resident engagement, spotlighting the incredible quality of care being delivered to those we love, and increasing family engagement and satisfaction. With smart coordination and integrated, consolidated communication, Serenity’s Alexa integration meets providers, care teams, families, and most importantly, older adults, where they are.

This enhanced, real-time communication provides myriad benefits to the entire care ecosystem.

    • Reduces strain on overburdened staff

    • Increases independence and engagement among seniors

    • Closes the distance gap between seniors and their loved ones

    • Improves staff, resident, and family satisfaction

    • Ensures the right people get the right information at the right time in the right way

Senior living providers who use Serenity can send broadcast announcements to all, some, or specific Serenity Alexa devices in their community. Seniors can ask Alexa what’s for dinner tonight or what are the activities tomorrow. They can also sign up for special activities such as the bus to the grocery store or the upcoming Mother’s Day Brunch.

Some examples of use include asking: 
  • “Alexa, call my daughter.”
  • “Alexa, what’s on the menu today?”
  • “Alexa, is the mail in?”
  • “Alexa, what time does the Book Club start tomorrow?”

The Serenity Engage platform also improves accessibility with bilingual, memory, and visual challenges. With sight and hearing impairment common among older adults, Serenity’s custom Alexa Smart Properties deployment encourages the mode of communication that works best for each individual. It may be audio-only for the vision impaired, or it may be more visual information using the Alexa Show devices for the hearing impaired.

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