Serenity Alexa Signup – The Gardens at St Elizabeth

Are you a family member wanting to connect to your loved one’s Serenity Alexa device at The Gardens at St Elizabeth?

You’re in the right place. Follow the simple steps below.

For assistance, contact Serenity’s Customer Success team at 720.515.8837 (text/phone) or via email at


Register to be added to this resident's private address book at: www. NOTE: For security, we will request approval from the resident before authorizing any new contacts in their private address book.


Download or Open the Amazon Alexa App from your device's App Store. NOTE: Make sure to sign in/sign up using the same phone number you provided to Serenity. 


Let us know once you are in the Alexa App so we can authorize you as part of this resident's private address book. Text/call 720-515-8837 or email with your name and the resident room number.


Sign into your Alexa app on your mobile device. Click "Communications" icon at bottom of screen. Select "Call" at the top. Once Serenity has authorized you to be included in your loved one's private address book, this is where you will see the their name in order to call/video chat with them.


Search for the your loved one's name, Click/tap on their name and select audio or video calling. Note: Your loved one can voice call you without the Alexa app, but you will only be able to call their device via the app or another Alexa device.

Stay Connected

Whether you live next door or across the globe, you should have insight into your loved one's care. Now you can stay connected wherever you are, and collaborate with their service and care providers. All in a single app.

"This is very cool! My dad rarely has his phone charged! This saves me from calling the staff for help, and keeps dad connected."
Deb B
Family Member
"I can't be there right now, and Serenity is the next best thing! The staff is great & I appreciate the updates. The pictures speak a thousand words."
Mike M
Family Member
"Communication is one of the most important things we can do for our families. Serenity makes it easy for us to give family peace of mind."
Marilyn T
Family Member