Privacy Policy

On our website:

  • We collect data that you give us when you complete web forms on our website and we use that data for the reasons you gave it to us, like when you fill out a form to “Talk to Sales,” we use that data so you can talk to the sales team.
  • We use cookies to collect data automatically about your use of our website or for advertising. If you haven’t shared your data with us, the cookies do not identify you specifically, but they do identify your web browser so we can learn things like how many visitors to our website come back again at a later time. You can turn off cookies, but may lose some functionality of the Serenity website and service.
  • We generally share the data we collect from you with those outside of Serenity if they are a service provider for Serenity (and have to follow our instructions) or if we’re legally required to share it with someone outside of Serenity.
  • Your data is transferred to the U.S.

Through our services:

  • We collect data from you when you set up an account with Serenity, like your name, email address, and billing information. We use that data to do things like communicate with you about your account and bill you for using our products and services. If you don’t want to get marketing emails from us, you can opt-out by following the instructions in those emails or contacting customer service.
  • When you use our products and services, we collect data relating to and about your use, like the API calls you make, how many API calls you make, how many users need access, how many files you are protecting, and so forth. We also store audit trails for all operations using the automatically generated identifiers or provided identifiers and metadata, if you’ve elected to provide those. We use this data to provide you with these details, to bill you for use of our products and services, to watch out for fraud, and to improve our products and services.
  • We share data we collect from you with Serenity’s third party service providers as necessary for those service providers to perform their services for us. For example, with third-party billing systems, sales tracking systems, and customer support systems. We will also share your data stored on our systems with third parties, if we’re legally required to do so.
  • We use third party payment services to collect and process users’ payment card transactions and do not store credit card information.
  • We use cookies to make it possible for you to login to our application and to make use of our services. These are required for ordinary operation and you cannot opt out. We also use cookies to track general statistics that are not personally identifiable, but are aggregated and used to improve our understanding of how our services are used and the performance of those services.
  • Your data is transferred to the U.S. For encrypted data, it is encrypted on the client before being submitted and can only be decrypted by authorized users. If the only authorized users are in country X, then the data can only be read in plain text in that country, assuming the users with access are there when accessing the data.

Through our emails:

  • From time to time we may email you if you elected to receive a newsletter or if we need to communicate with you about your account.
  • Our emails may contain web beacons that give us information about whether or not users open these emails and whether or not they follow links in these emails.
  • You can opt out of emails at any time.

About IP addresses:

When you visit the Serenity website, customer portal, or use our products and services, like our APIs, we collect your IP addresses to track and analyze information about the devices that are connecting to our systems and about where those devices are located. For example, we use IP addresses to track the geographic region of  visitors and to detect possible fraud.

In the case of stored audit logs, we only record geographic source at the regional level, often at the Country or State level, and many of our systems store only the first three parts of the IP address to avoid any personally identifiable information from our audit logs.

Data transparency or erasure requests:

If you want to ask how to delete or access your data, email privacy at