The Ripple Effect of Bridging Siloes in Senior Care: Driving ROI and Better Care

June 30, 2022
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Here at Serenity, our mission is to connect the entire senior care ecosystem to improve the lives of older adults and those who love and care for them.

And we have made a significant impact. 

From hearing firsthand how much families rely on the real-time updates on their loved ones to the top-line revenue growth and bottom-line time savings for providers, we’re proud to be changing the status quo in senior care. 

Increasing Revenue, Referrals, Reputation with Serenity Engage

The ripple effects of our streamlined communication can be felt across the senior care ecosystem, from increased revenue to better, more efficient care. 

Here are ten ways Serenity helps to drive ROI for senior care providers.

1. Referrals

Serenity helps to increase referrals. This includes care recipients and their families, senior care partners, and digital referrals between senior living, hospice, pharmacy, home health, home care, skilled nursing, rounding doctors, physical therapists, and more. 

In one example, a 150-bed senior living community generates between 2-3 referrals per month via Serenity, driving $120K in lifetime value and saving $15K in placement agent fees.

2. Reputation

Serenity customers typically see an average 1-star increase on Google reviews after 12 months on the platform. This reputation increase can also affect CAHPS scores, with Serenity helping one skilled nursing community move from 2 to 5 on their CAHPS score.

“If you think your Google reputation doesn’t matter, you’re ignoring one of your most important business assets.”

Matt Bowman, Forbes Agency Council

3. Staff Productivity (even, and especially, during turnover)

Serenity has seen consistent reports of time savings of 3-5 hours per week per staff member by eliminating phone tag, email, and non-secure text messaging. Our centralized communication keeps everyone on the same page and highlights coachable moments. The streamlined continuity of care, which is particularly important given rapid staff turnover, saves staff time and improves quality of life and quality of care.

In a global caregiver shortage, the staff is often moving fast. Serenity Engage removes the friction of sharing important updates or coordination with family or loved ones. While many providers currently use email, it is proven that open rates for messaging are 98% compared to 20% via email. 

“We are saving the equivalent of a full-time staff member by simply using Serenity to communicate both internally and with our clients and partners.”

Jenna G, President, Dignity Hospice

4. Care

Customers report reducing avoidable move-outs from an average of 15% to 5% after 12 months on the platform. Unhappy families will move their loved ones. We’ve had people move from one community into a Serenity community for improved, transparent communication

“I moved mom out of a community that broke their promise of consistent communication and into a Serenity Connected community in part because of their proactive and regular communication and collaboration with me.”

Traci C, primary family care partner

5. Staff Retention

Serenity Engage’s platform allows staff to collaborate, receive recognition, and share innovative ideas, best practices, positive experiences, company values, personal interests, celebrations, and more. Social recognition via Serenity Engage is high impact and low cost. 

This type of employee recognition, camaraderie, and inclusion is shown to boost productivity, engagement, and performance by more than 14%. When turnover does occur, new staff onboards quickly with the immediate ability to gain insight and experience the company culture, and view historical information for each resident.

“Pre-Serenity, I would send emails to my staff with little response. That changed the moment we implemented Serenity – now my staff responds to everything, I think in part because it is transparent communication and simple and quick.”

Brandi S, Executive Director of a senior living provider

6. Compliance Cost

Many states (including Colorado) now require State Surveys to provides evidence of

collaboration with third-party care providers. Serenity has become a pivotal resource to show evidence of collaboration with the click of a button, saving audit prep time and reducing exception reports. Without it, our customers would search through emails, text messages, phone messages, EMRs, paper logs, sticky notes, notebooks, etc. to put together the right evidence.

“Proactive communication reduces reactive mitigation,” says Amy Yount, former Director of Wellness and Associate Executive Director for a large senior living provider.

7. Revenue Acceleration

Serenity creates revenue acceleration opportunities for the communities we work with, including: 

  • Tour-to-Close Conversion Rate. The Serenity app and Serenity’s custom Alexa deployment are valuable amenities, improving close rates.
  • Lifetime Value. Communities that have offered Serenity’s custom Alexa deployment have residents who are on average three years younger at move-in.
  • Unique Services. Differentiated services allow communities to reduce discounting and move-in inducements often used to fill census.
  • Digital Onboarding. E-sign, e-forms, and video tours accelerate intake velocity. We have seen reductions from 5 days to 24-48 hours for some of our clients.

“We had 3 new signups for our waitlist in part due to the evidence of our proactive communication through Serenity’s Alexa capabilities.”

Jane W, Executive Director for national senior living provider

8. Reduced Marketing Cost

Serenity shifts expensive outbound marketing costs (such as advertising and PPC) into low-cost inbound traffic through our inherent network.

By enabling and encouraging clients to communicate and collaborate with each other on Serenity to provide the best care for the older adult, we can create a networked (and sometimes virtual) village to provide care for one individual.

“We’ve always had a strong reputation, but Serenity has helped us level up to the point that we don’t need to spend as much in advertising as we used to.”

Francis L, Owner/Operator of 16 memory care homes and a home care service

9. Risk Reduction

More than 80% of lawsuits begin in the first 14-days after move-in. Serenity creates transparency and proactive communication building a foundation of trust immediately, which has been proven to reduce future litigation. In fact, Rice Insurance is a brokerage that offers up to 10% discount on liability insurance for providers using Serenity because better communication equals fewer lawsuits.

Further, email is one of the most vulnerable platforms for cyber attacks – yet 80% of

communication is done via email. Worse, though senior care organizations forbid giving direct personal phone numbers by care staff for texting with families, 80% of those interviewed report doing it anyway – creating hidden, non-secure communications, and the inability of the organization to prevent communication to that staff member after they leave (especially problematic if they were fired or left unhappy).

“In a high-trust relationship, you can say the wrong thing, and people will still get your meaning. In a low-trust relationship, you can be very measured, even precise, and they’ll still misinterpret you.”

Stephen M. Covey

10. Reduced Printing Costs are Eco-Friendly

The amount of paper, color ink toner cartridges, and foam core-board printing alone cost on average $500 each month. Serenity eliminates 85% of these costs when fully deployed with our streamlined, easily-accessible technology.

“Inefficient use of printers, copiers, and fax machines can waste between 1 and 3 percent of company revenue annually [1].”

“The pulp and paper industry is also the largest industrial user of water, the biggest water polluter, and the third largest emitter of global warming pollution in most industrialized nations [4].”

Get Started with Serenity 

Serenity Engage is the go-to platform connecting the entire senior care ecosystem to improve the lives of older adults and those who love and care for them. 

With consistent, collaborative continuity of communication, our streamlined HIPAA-compliant platform brings an experience of simplicity, connection and harmony to all. Our fully-integrated information and resources strengthen quality of care, increase provider productivity, improve seniors’ quality of life, and offer families greater peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

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